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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Robert Tibeau who was born in United States on April 10, 1934 and passed away on March 01, 2008 at the age of 73. We will remember him forever.

Please offer up your stories, messages, or tributes under the Pay Tribute section or just light a candle if you wish.  You know how much Dad liked telling stories so this is a great way to help his spirit live on. 

Also if you have pictures to add to the site please feel free to submit them or email them to me at

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Tributes and Condolences
my grandpa   / Hannah Dominguez (granddaughter)
grandpa, you're the best, i remember when i was little and you used to act like you didnt know who i was, you were always having fun and smiling , whenever someone was sad or going through a bad time, you were there for them. I remember also when you...  Continue >>
The Water System   / Neil Andrews (Water Trustee )
I first met Bob at the yearly Marion Water meetings. Next thing I knew I was one of the trustees with him. I guess Bob used to have a difference of opinion with some of the Marion Water leadership. I got to know Bob better when he would take Linda do...  Continue >>
His Smile & Stories   / Rebecca Niederstadt (Tibeau) (Niece "Becky" )
I will always remember how Uncle Bob told me that "the milkman" was responsible for the kids and how I BELIEVED him!  He always knew I was the gullable one and took every cahnce to get me.  He always made us kids smile and was rig...  Continue >>
R.I.P  / Sarah Segobia (sister of son's wife )
i didnt know him as well as his family.. but from when i did get to see him. he was a great guy, very funny. he will be missed.. R.I.P
Thanks Dad for saving my Life   / Michael Pizzichemi (Son)
 I remember My Dad saving me from drowning when I was very Young.I rembember sinking in the Lake,and seeing my Dad dive in the water and brought me out.Thanks Dad for saving my life.And I also remember him loving getting together with the family...  Continue >>
Remembering / Katy Flaherty (Daughter "Last Mistake" :) )    Read >>
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His legacy
Be Strong  

Dad taught us that we could  fight,  laugh and joke,   cry, and believe in others and ourselves.  But the main thing he taught his children and others was to be strong.  Sometimes his hard messages were difficult to receive but as we grew into adults some of them made sense. 

Now that we are older we hold ourselves accountable to the values that he set forth....hardworking, strong, faithful, humorous, and most of all show that you have integrity.  He would want us to stand up for what we believe in and never give up on ourselves or others. 

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Bob Christmas 2006
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